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Knowing Labs MD

Stop Guessing,
Start Knowing.

Do you have a passion to help others improve their health and lifestyle? Join the KnowingLabs affiliate program today and earn money while helping others.

Welcome to KnowingLabs Affiliate Program

Earn money while helping others with our Affiliate program. Our panels are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to the overall health of our clients. 

How it Works

KnowingLabs was created to find a better way to monitor our health on a day-to-day basis instead of only going to the doctor when we are feeling symptomatic. We put the power in our clients’ hands and help them evaluate and execute personal health goals. By joining our affiliate program you can help spread the joy of living a healthier life and get paid for it too. 

18% Commision

Earn up to 18% on each sale

90 Day Conversion

Up to 12 weeks tracking conversion

Customized Link

1 short link for all platforms

30 Day Payout

Receive your money every 30 days

We have over 13 panels to choose from!

Our panels are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to the overall health of our clients. And our team is constantly working to provide more panels and collection methods to be able to provide the most knowledgeable results.

Our At-Home Lab Kits

Popular Panels

Thyroid Panel

The thyroid panel determines whether your thyroid gland is underactive or overactive, which can lead to autoimmune issues and chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Sleep & Stress

The Sleep and Stress panel measures your levels of the hormones that are associated with stress and sleep. Quality sleep is essential if you want to function at your best.

Weight and Energy

Our comprehensive weight and energy panel is a quick and easy way to check your levels of the hormones that may be the cause of sudden weight gain and low energy levels.

Customer Reviews

Hear what others are saying about KnowingLabs amazing products.

"Knowing Labs gives you the most accurate and convenient home lab tests because they’re boutique. Their lab techs run your tests themselves so you can trust the results. Most online companies send your samples to massive factories so you never know what you’re going to get. No faceless lab testing monopolies here!."

Dave Asprey CEO, UpgradeLabs

"What a fabulous and modern way of keeping my health up to date and in the comfort of my own home." Thank you very much, KnowingLabs."

Marvin A Affliate

I am a repeat customer of Knowing Labs and this is why: 1. I find their lab profiles very relevant to women's needs. 2. They are very convenient and you receive the results without necessarily going through a health care professional. 3. They make great gifts for people you care about."

Selana B Affiliate

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    Stop guessing and start earning extra income with KnowingLabs.