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Knowing Labs MD

CLIA Certified Laboratory

At-Home healthcare for your patients

Develop lasting relationships with patients by including KnowingLabs at-home healthcare provider products and services into your care program.

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge has the power to overcome the past, change our situations, fight new obstacles, and make better decisions. 

Sexual Health

STD and STI panels provide the opportunity for physicians to test their patients with regularity and provide proactive alternatives for self-monitoring.

3d illustration. Model of dopamine molecule, Hormone of Happiness.


Diagnose the risk factors, promote early detection and improve your disease management strategies with the help of our comprehensive hormone profiles.


Toxicology tests allow physicians and caregivers to discover the misuse of drugs, identify adverse drug reactions and contra-interactions.


Our polypharmacy screening services provide evidence of a patient’s compliance and see if a drug can adversely impact health by interacting with other substances already present.

A large selection of more than 22 At-Home tests

Our panels are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to the overall health of our clients. And our team is constantly working to provide more panels and collection methods to be able to provide the most knowledgeable results.

Know Who We Are

About our company

Knowing Labs was started because of we know that knowledge is the only way to succeed.

We approach 

“I take pride in being able to provide people with the power to change their lives.”

A coordinated strategy for improving patient experience

Customized test kits and messages make sure that the patient experience is consistent with your brand and treatment strategy.

Customer Reviews

Hear what others are saying about KnowingLabs amazing products.

"Knowing Labs gives you the most accurate and convenient home lab tests because they’re boutique. Their lab techs run your tests themselves so you can trust the results. Most online companies send your samples to massive factories so you never know what you’re going to get. No faceless lab testing monopolies here!."

Dave Asprey CEO, UpgradeLabs

"What a fabulous and modern way of keeping my health up to date and in the comfort of my own home." Thank you very much, KnowingLabs."

Marvin A Affliate

I am a repeat customer of Knowing Labs and this is why: 1. I find their lab profiles very relevant to women's needs. 2. They are very convenient and you receive the results without necessarily going through a health care professional. 3. They make great gifts for people you care about."

Selana B Affiliate